Conversation with a First Time Conference Presenter

One of the LUC Graduate History Conference’s main goals is to serve as an ‘entry point’ into the world of academic conferences. Many of our participants have been first time presenters. In an effort to further familiarize potential presenters with the submission, preparation and presentation process, we asked a first timer from our previous conference to describe her experience. Erin tells us about her presentation, “Dealing in the Dead: The American Civil War and the Birth of the Funeral Industry,” which was part of the panel titled “Medicine, Health and the Body in Late 19th-Century America.”

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About Last Spring’s 7th Annual Conference

For seven years, the Loyola History Graduate Student Association (HGSA) has hosted their conference in the Spring. Due to a new budget structure for the HGSA, we are moving the conference to the Fall. So, here is a look back at the most recent gathering: the 7th Annual Loyola HGSA Conference held April 2, 2011 at Loyola’s Water Tower Campus in downtown Chicago.

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