Announcing the 2017 Lunch Panel

(Panelist Kevin Coval)
The 2017 HGSA Conference Lunch Panel will take place 1:15-3:00pm on November 18th, on the fourth floor of Loyola’s Information Commons.
This year’s lunch panel will bring together an artist, public historian, community activist, and academic historian to discuss the theme of “Hearing Silences” in Chicago’s historic record. This diverse group of panelists, drawing on their own unique experiences and research, will discuss communities and topics in Chicago history that have been historically ignored, as well as the unique ways of addressing and filling those voids or hearing those silences. 
Kevin Coval is a poet, playwright and educator, who will discuss his time in the archives writing his recent book of poetry, The People’s History of Chicago, which delves into the history of each of Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods. Nell Taylor, Executive Director of Read/Write Library Chicago, will speak about her work with local youth to record their own stories and archive what they think should be saved about their neighborhoods. North Central College professor, public historian, and co-editor of The Encyclopedia of ChicagoDr. Anne Keating will talk about racial discrimination in suburban Chicago. The final panelist is Dr. Rachel BoyleNewberry Library Mellon Major Projects Fellow, whose work centers on feminine violence and criminality in Chicago, a topic that required creativity when researching sparse records on the topic. 

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