Announcing This Year’s Public History Roundtable

The Loyola University History Graduate Student Conference is pleased to announce this year’s public history roundtable: The Challenges of Commemoration in Public History Practice.

This year’s roundtable discussion concerns the challenges of commemoration and memorialization in public history practice. These words often evoke the remembrance of violent events, and grappling with traumatic histories is indeed a challenge that many museums and historic sites face. However, commemoration in a public history setting can also involve the tension between presenting a “celebratory” history of particular people or events and painting a more complex historical picture.

Roundtable Presenters

  • Frank Butterfield – Landmarks Illinois – Director of the Springfield Office
  • Terry Fife – History Works – Principal
  • Bethany Fleming – Fleming Museum Consulting – Principal

After brief presentations by the featured speakers, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the issues around commemoration and memorialization they raise. All conference attendees are welcome to participate.

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