Announcing This Year’s Keynote Lunch Panel

The Loyola University History Graduate Student Conference is proud to announce this year’s keynote lunch panel: Teaching Difficult History in Academic and Public History Settings

Citizens cannot realize the principles of justice, equality of opportunity, or national honesty without broadly understanding the history of the country and the relations between its various classes and communities. Teaching and analyzing such interactions often requires facing dark, uncomfortable, or controversial truths, tempting educators and audiences to avoid discussing them or to modify the narrative to match a more acceptable legacy. This panel will address pitfalls, tools, and opportunities in communicating difficult history in classrooms, museums, and other venues.


  • Dr. Devin Hunter – University of Illinois Springfield – Assistant Professor of History
  • Kat Latham – Pritzker Military Museum and Library – Director of Collections Management
  • Dr. Chernoh Sesay – DePaul University – Associate Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Alice Weinreb – Loyola University Chicago – Assistant Professor of History

The panel discussion will take place in the Information Commons, 4th Floor during lunch, beginning with prepared remarks by panelists and followed by Q&A with the audience. We look forward to a thoughtful and critical discussion and welcome participation by all conference attendees.

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