Announcing This Year’s Keynote Lunch Panel

The Loyola University History Graduate Student Conference is proud to announce this year’s keynote lunch panel:“State-Sanctioned Violence: Historical Perspectives and Contemporary Choices.”

This timely conversation builds on the longstanding urgent discourse on state-sanctioned violence in the United States, now further intensifying in response to growing mass incarceration and the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement. As part of a history graduate student conference, the panel aims to place state-sanctioned violence in a transnational and transhistorical context while also considering actions to take in the present, particularly in a university setting. Joining this year’s panel are:

  • Sheila Bedi: Clinical Associate Professor of Law at the Northwestern School of Law, Attorney at Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center
  • Dr. Kathleen Belew: Assistant Professor of U.S. History, University of Chicago
  • Rachel Caidor: Assistant Director, Campus Advocacy Network at University of Illinois at Chicago, Co-Curator of “Blood at the Root: Unearthing the Stories of State Violence Against Black Women”
  • Dr. Kim Searcy: Associate Professor of History at Loyola University Chicago

The panel discussion will take place in Kasbeer Hall during lunch, beginning with prepared remarks by panelists and followed by Q&A with the audience. We look forward to a thoughtful and critical discussion and welcome participation by all conference attendees.

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