Conference How-To: How to Write a Proposal

Loyola’s History Graduate Student Conference is an excellent way to meet emerging scholars in your field, get feedback from some of the best faculty in Chicago, and polish your presentation style.

We welcome graduate students that are seasoned pros on the conference circuit and those preparing to present for the first time.  Since one of the aims of a graduate conference is cooperative professional development, our conference blog will be posting a “how-to” series. Up first, of course:

How to Write a Conference Paper Proposal

  • Be concise! Briefly outline the historical and historiographical context for your work, and spend most of your wordcount describing your original contribution. Aim for 200-300 words. Dr. Karen offers a great formula for this here.
  • Be specific about primary sources you will discuss; you want your readers to know you’re presenting original research, not a historiography!
  • Our conference does not have a specific theme, but Loyola HGSA asks that you situate your presentation within up to three historical subjects. This will help us create vibrant panels with complementary presentations.
  • Ask someone who is not in your field or sub-field to read your abstract. If it makes sense to them, it will make sense to us!

Some great links for further info:

The Professor is In

Grad Hacker 

Stay tuned for more in the how-to series!

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